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Image of LIMITED: Punks Around #1: Nizhny Life

LIMITED: Punks Around #1: Nizhny Life

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Punks Around # 1 is about Alex's first time in Russia and discovery of Russian punk rock. An edited version of this story can be found in Punk in a Foreign Space.

"The band started and someone instantly jumped on someone else's shoulders, grabbing hold of the ceiling and tearing down whole chunks of wood and soggy dry wall. A massive pit started and it seemed like the small room expanded in size. Some people cleared the way, while others delved right into the maelstrom. I looked around for Artem, but he was nowhere to be seen--typical for someone who just didn't get it, but certainly forgivable considering his efforts. I watched in amazement for about twenty minutes while the room was torn to shreds in a way that most Western punks could only dream of. This was real lawlessness, devoid of reservation and blatantly dangerous. I jumped right in."

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